A Very Tarot Shelf for Christmas

See what the Big Monkey made me for Christmas? Got a hand-crafted, reversible Tarot shelf. How awesome is that?!


  1. HOW SWEET! That is a very nice shelf & I agree with Sophie you could sell these on Etsy or at your next Psychic Fair. LOVE the fact it’s “invertable” lol.

    How nice to be LOVED!!!

    • I know, I absolutely love it! I will have to tell her, consensus says it’s marketable on Etsy. Wooden crate + leftover project paint + creativity and a little artistry = great gift!

  2. That’s pretty spiffy!!

  3. Very nice Big Monkey!!!!! You could sell those on Etsy…

  4. It’s beautiful!!!

  5. VERY COOL!! What a fantastic gift. Lucky you.

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