Dec. 16 Weekly Forecast: Don’t Give Up, Sparky. You can do it!

This week’s Tarot forecast isn’t…exciting and fun. But it’s not out-and-out discouraging, either. It just needs a nap.

Short version: It looks to be a tiring time and maybe you wonder if you can get through this stretch. If I’m pulling the 9 of Wands, the answer is yes! Seek support, taking care of yourself, and hang in there friends!

  • Shannon says:

    Yes!!! Five more days of class

    (I got this)

  • Kristine Emerson says:

    Oh. My. Dixie. I have been working SO HARD to keep it together this month – which is so nearly impossible for me in December – and starting on Wednesday last week, my computer started acting like…well, like an ass.

    When I gave up and went to bed last night, I was running Malwarebytes full scan, hoping it was the answer. When I got up this morning, it was not. I was about to heave the whole damned desktop out of my upstairs bedroom window into the fridge cold snow.

    And then I thought – system restore? Does this POS have that? It does!

    So now, at least I have my desktop back (never lost the Recycle Bin, but lost everything else on there yesterday).

    Otis is a stumbling disaster area. I’m still calm.

    I was a little freaked since my car is better than it has been in a LONG time as of yesterday morning, but it doesn’t help me with work if I can’t enter data on the computer!

    Thank you for this!!!!!! Just after the System Restore, once I got the wi-fi to connect (see? It’s like crazy here) I went to FB to let folks know I had some progress…and this video was at the top of the page.

    I can do this. And you are one of my strongest cheerleaders, even though you do it for everyone. You are indeed my Tarot Yoda. And I am forever grateful.

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