Dec. 16 Weekly Forecast: Don’t Give Up, Sparky. You can do it!

This week’s Tarot forecast isn’t…exciting and fun. But it’s not out-and-out discouraging, either. It just needs a nap.

Short version: It looks to be a tiring time and maybe you wonder if you can get through this stretch. If I’m pulling the 9 of Wands, the answer is yes! Seek support, taking care of yourself, and hang in there friends!


  1. Yes!!! Five more days of class

    (I got this)

  2. Kristine Emerson says

    Oh. My. Dixie. I have been working SO HARD to keep it together this month – which is so nearly impossible for me in December – and starting on Wednesday last week, my computer started acting like…well, like an ass.

    When I gave up and went to bed last night, I was running Malwarebytes full scan, hoping it was the answer. When I got up this morning, it was not. I was about to heave the whole damned desktop out of my upstairs bedroom window into the fridge cold snow.

    And then I thought – system restore? Does this POS have that? It does!

    So now, at least I have my desktop back (never lost the Recycle Bin, but lost everything else on there yesterday).

    Otis is a stumbling disaster area. I’m still calm.

    I was a little freaked since my car is better than it has been in a LONG time as of yesterday morning, but it doesn’t help me with work if I can’t enter data on the computer!

    Thank you for this!!!!!! Just after the System Restore, once I got the wi-fi to connect (see? It’s like crazy here) I went to FB to let folks know I had some progress…and this video was at the top of the page.

    I can do this. And you are one of my strongest cheerleaders, even though you do it for everyone. You are indeed my Tarot Yoda. And I am forever grateful.

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