Due Diligence! Weekly Tarot Video, 5/5/14

So what do you need to keep in mind for the coming week? A little video to pull that weekly flow together.

You like my face here? Har!

Short version: Don’t just accept someone else’s word for it. I’m unfortunately seeing potential for hidden agendas in play this week, so exercise caution and check out the facts that matter to you ¬†independently. Especially important anytime you have that “funny feeling”–to me, it’s kind of a flat uncomfortableness around statements where the words and emotional tone don’t match, a sense of the words being empty somehow.

Those funny feelings will not steer you wrong.

You have use for this advice? I’m hoping, NO!

  • sofie says:

    This is so true right now. Voice and words do not match, and this person sounds angry but is still talking about trivia in conversations. I don’t even want to ask about it because they are expolosive and I can’t deal with that this week. But maybe that would be the due diligence… to just ask them. Because as usual I don’t think I did anything bad and I’m occupying the scapegoat role again. This person is hobnobbing with people who hate me, so I guess that could be related to this! Anything I say could be disseminated to a larger group.

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