Hanged Man Says, “Transcend it, Baby!”

Hanged Man Tarot

From a reading–the “Take home” message:

The Hanged Man is all about letting go and having faith. It’s a lull, a time when it’s not only safe to rest and release what’s been worrying you, but also a time that’s actually the most effective strategy.

Things HAVE to take their course naturally and they are, right as it should be. When you see the Hanged Man, you know everything is stable and you answer any anxiety with exercising faith.

So when you find yourself asking, “Should I be bitch-slapping someone about now?” he would gently suggest transcending. So sayth the Tarot.

What do you see?


  1. CancerMom says

    OH THE IRONY! I got this from you the day after I dropped off the baskets now I get it again after I vented (& gulped) about the same baskets!

    I can’t WAIT until Father’s Day – HAHAHAHAHA!

    Dixie, you’re the best!

  2. I love a good lull right about now… appears to be happening, yay!

  3. Ha! You know what’s awesome about this? Corresponds to your “signs” conversation nicely. Not only have I gotten this card several times this past weekend, but in circus class, I actually learned how to perform a move like this on the fabric ropes. Sign? XOXO LCDS

  4. Are those ropes attached to a hot air balloon? Cause it looks like she might be letting go the things that weighed her down so she could rise even higher. DUH the hanged man, picturing the card of the man with the rope around his neck, where the weight of his own is what is hanging him.

  5. Jennifer Hillman says

    Timing is perfection. Thanks for the reassurance…Dixie and the Hangman.

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