Loud Fat Ladies? Weekly Tarot, February 17, 2014

I can talk about fat ladies, because I am one.

Short version: What’s apparently clear and settled continues to be…deceptive. No need to get worked up or aggravated, just please, keep doing what you need to be doing. You may think that fat lady you hear singing is for you, but beware another, fatter lady showing up to crash the party.

In short, “the check is mailed” doesn’t cut it. That check needs to be received, deposited and cleared the bank with sufficient funds before you put the matter to rest! I’m thinking false finishes this week. Hello, Mercury is still retro, after all.

Are you dealing with false finishes?


  1. Good!

  2. I find this unhelpful after the reading I got.

    It’s cool, I’m just going keep myself focused on what is right in front of me. I’ve plenty to do without worrying about singing fat ladies.

    • Well, there is a difference between the “weather at large” in a general forecast vs. the temperature out one’s own window that’s recently been checked. As in any forecast or reading for that matter, you take what’s useful to you and disregard what is not.

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