Magician says, “Head to the party!”

Tarot Magician I

Claim your power.

From a reading:

Look for ways to feel powerful. Don’t worry who will or won’t come along with you. Send your energy in the direction of what you want to feel. This will disrupt the current balance. Either others will come with you or, if there becomes too much disparity in the vibrations, will  detach for their own path.

You’ve been feeling a bit like you’re missing the party, waiting to resolve. Go to the party! The trick here is not figuring out how to get a companion to travel with you. It’s starting the trip, and keeping your eyes open to who sits down next to you, you know?

What does the Magician tell you?


  1. Such wonderful advice!

  2. Very eloquent, lovey!

  3. It tells me….

    PAR-TAY!!!! Time to PAR-TAY!!!! I will start my own, and see who joins me!

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