Mini-Reading | Heart’s Desire & 8 of Swords

Eight of Swords Tarot

Who’s standing guard?

“What is blocking my heart’s desire?

(Sorry if that’s too corny, but that’s what I came up with)” -the z

Corny, not an issue for Tarot. Sometimes, Tarot can be pretty darned corny anyway.


Listen to the recording for the full reading, but here’s your Cliff Notes version:

What’s blocking your heart’s desire? YOU. Fear. Fear of getting hurt, not being good enough, fear of failure. Fear that if you try and fail, you’ll have nothing. You hold on to the dream because it seems more comfortable; you can’t fail in your imagination.

What have you told yourself that you cannot risk? What have you taken off the table? This is limiting you.  The options you’ve discounted, whatever you’ve determined unacceptable risk? Look there. Your quest for safety is costing you here.

Pay attention to the people you are around especially–who is supportive of you? Who is not? Because the folks that are not? They are a problem, weights around your ankles.

It requires a risk, moving through the fear and realize that your “worst case scenario” isn’t that bad; at the very least, it’s much kinder than the true worst-case scenario–not giving it your all. Living your life without allowing yourself to grow to your fullest capacity. Stretching your wings, you may fall. But you can’t fly without trying.

Hope this helps. Good luck, Z! ♥

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