Mini-Reading | Spiritual Quest with King of Wands

Mini-Reading | Spiritual Quest with King of Wands 2

“OK, my question: I’m working my tarot and psychic skills, which I’d eventually like to use to help others just like you do, Dixie. But sometimes I feel lost, like my striving is all in vain or that I’ll never see the growth that I’d like to see. Am I on the right path? ” -Colorfulness28

Full reading via recording, summary below:


Fear and nerves gets in the way as you learn to access psychic/intuitive information consistently. It definitely takes practice. Worry about doing it “wrong” keeps you second guessing yourself and really is a huge block. You have to give yourself permission to be wrong before you can learn to be more right…every single reading is a leap of faith without exception.

Look at creative venues to help you get in better touch with the flow in a playful way. A serious approach is appropriate working with clients overall, but as you develop your skills, you especially need a sense of FUN. And even then, this kind of work should always keep a sense of love, fun and non-judgement…not just of your clients, but of yourself as well.

Look at non-related creative activities–art, cooking, singing, or painting birdhouses! (Why do I want to keep talking about birdhouses? Be sure to tell me if you figure it out! Ha!)

You’re wanting to smooth the way for relaxation, fun, and a sense of creation. Anything that you visualize and then put together is great for this. Any activity that takes you outside yourself is helpful. Take some creative time right before you do your meditation and readings and see if it smooths the way for you.

Hope that’s helpful and much luck and love on your path! ♥

  • Colorfulness28 says:

    Hi, Dixie, thank you for the reading. It was accurate.

    Lately, I’ve been consistently pulling the King of Wands as well as the Ace of Wands. But I never did make the connection that it was telling me to let to focus on my creativity — if I let that flourish, so too will my abilities.

    I don’t often take the time to have fun, or take the time to discover what I enjoy outside of what I know I enjoy. I have this coloring kit of meditative laybrinths and mazes, and I’ve been meaning to color one to get myself to relax (because I find it hard to relax) before I consult with Tarot, or just enjoy deep quiet time, but I haven’t. Why? Because I always think to myself that I don’t have the time; that’ll it be a waste of time to color a maze. Or to goof off. Or to have fun. I feel a bit sad about that, being 30 and not being really sure how to have fun.

    Anyway, I especially would get the King of Wands when asking Tarot about my health — I love going to the gym, and I guess that’s my fun, although that kind of fun often turns into hard work. I always thought the meaning of this card in a health sense meant to not overdo exercise, which I am prone to do. Maybe even take time out if I don’t have the energy.

    So now I’m thinking that maybe this is a nudge to find new ways of being athletic — ice skating, perhaps. Or that maybe I really need to take someone’s art class. Or that I should buy a children’s coloring books and sit in a corner and color my heart out.

    So, Dixie, thanks for the reading. Of all the cards I could have gotten, I wouldn’t have expected this one.

    Thanks for hitting the nail on the head.

    • Dixie says:

      Thank you so much for your feedback, Colorfullness. I love getting feedback!

      King of Wands is Fire in Fire. Hot! He tells us to follow our passion. Yes, sometimes he does overdo, so that’s a legitimate metric to gauge. But he also have a huge amount of energy to tap. If he’s showing up inverted, maybe slow it down. But if he’s showing upright for advice, look to what lights your fire, ignites your passion and absolutely, ways to be creative. If you love going to the gym, if your body loves how you feel, then do it! Being kind to your physical form helps your channel, too. Very important.

      I get the whole never enough time thing. I’ve got some Saturn that weighs me down. But I have to remember, relaxation IS enriching to you spiritual life. It’s part of your work! If an activity leaves you feeling peaceful, brings you joy, and makes you happy, it is NOT a waste of time. It’s an avenue for healing and growth. It opens your intuitive channels up. Whatever brings you the most joy is always the most important thing you can be doing at that time…

      Consider yourself recipient of official permission to play. It’s never a waste of time, feeding your heart.

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