Mini-Reading | Struggles and Rev. Tower

Where’s the struggle?

“Why am I struggling so much to achieve my goals?” -Lilliput

Hear the full reading via recording. Summary below.

Why is Lilliput struggling?

We got the same as today’s Everyday Tarot!  May want to check that out…

So first off, look at what you’re avoiding, what you don’t want to see. What assumptions are you operating under? Some of your “rules,” over how things have to be, what options you can pursue, may be creating problems.

Pay special attention to who you align yourself with. I think a lot of the weight is related to those whom you surround yourself with, where taking on some of their perceptions is a handicap. Avoid people who are either all doom-and-gloom, just as much as you would want to avoid people who ignore your reality, encourage you to make bad choices, who don’t have your best interests at heart. If you’re watching your finances, stay away from the “pals” who encourage you to go out drinking all the time to forget! Just as much as you’d avoid Debbie Downers.

Look for people who are optimistic, encouraging and helpful. The people around seem to have a big impact. You’re looking to shift your vibration and there is a tendency to align up with whomever you’re around the most. So those who are sketchy, iffy, not well grounded, contribute to keep you off-balance.

Make friends with those that look for the next step up. And keep looking yourself, at that next step up. Because once you plug into hopelessness, you won’t be able to see and act on opportunities that come your way. I know it’s heavy…but you empty that backpack of rocks you’ve been carrying one rock at a time.

And get some sleep. Journal, pray, meditate, do whatever helps you let go first. You need some oasis here. So whatever you can do to get some breaks without compromising your needs, this helps you shift your vibration a whole bunch. Friends can be a helpful part of that. As you shift yourself, you’ll also find the people around you shift…

Hope that helps you get back on track and big hugs! ♥


  1. Hi Dixie,

    Eventually got to my computer to listen to the reading which was great. Am continuing to process.

  2. Dixie, I also love the fact that I got the same card as tarot of the day – talk about being on the same page!

  3. Thanks Dixie

    I can relate to this. My biggest issue about trying to see what I’m avoiding is that its mostly unconscious and I can’t access it!

    • Lilliput, I understand. Be aware of incidents where you overreact to something, your emotions seem out of proportion to the event, that’s always a good clue it’s tweaking something deeper. May help you root issues out. Especially things that make you angry, it’s often indication you have a raw spot there.

      The other thing I’d say is use the folks around you as a vibrational mirror. You can check yourself that way to get an idea if you’re moving the direction you want.

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