Rude Awakenings with the Tower

There’s been a very Tower feel out there lately, so I dug out this post to talk a little more about the Tower’s energy.

Like pushing the gas and brakes at the same time. Ouch. Yep, it’s a Mars card. Like you wouldn’t have been able to tell, just looking at it. Don’t let yourself get burned.

The Tower is another one of “those cards” people hate to get. It’s disturbing, especially with the figures free-falling. When the tower appears, the phrase “rude awakening” is usually not far behind.

The thing to remember when you see the tower is that the structures crumble when they’re not built on truth. You may get some shocking news, but the old worldview it replaces just wasn’t accurate. Just like lightning flashes can suddenly illuminate a dark night, the lightening striking the tower, setting it ablaze, illuminates sometimes harsh truth.

This may or may not touch you personally, but it’s probably touching someone around you and definitely hitting the world at large. It’s not like you’ll be able to miss it.

Remain balanced, fair, and do your damnedest to maintain your own sense of integrity. Be as mature as you possibly can with everyone around you. Boundaries are also a major plus here, limiting the potential for burns.

Whatever comes down will come down because it has to come down. When the blazes abate, we can see what’s still standing and start from there. But until then, don’t hold your breath.

Are you (still) feeling this?


  1. Last week was so bizarre and crazy, and then I read “Rude Awakenings with the Tower”. So then, I typed this onto a sheet of paper:





    Put it up on my kitchen cabinet, carried it around in my purse, read it before I had to talk to my mom or my sister.

    This really brought peace, a real solution, and transforming… so nice.

    :rose: :peace: :rose:

  2. spacerockz says

    Yup! Tower came up In 3 different spreads this week & so I’m watching out for a demolition of some sort and the opportunity to rebuild..

  3. Big Monkey says

    Sheesh… I wish I would have read this before I started my day today. Quite insightful and accurate.

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