Tarot Weekly, Jan. 13: No Coddle Mirror

I missed doing a weekly last week, so I hopped on the webcam for a quickie!

Short version: Mind your own manners this week, not everybody else’s! I’m suspecting a tendency to essentially go “Oh, s/he’s worse” or citing “I can’t help it” rather than facing compulsive or otherwise…eh, questionable behavior. Awareness of problematic patterns is a gift, but utterly wasted if you refuse to open the box.

Are you becoming aware of problematic behaviors of your own?

p.s. I have my own laundry list, so don’t think for a minute I’m judging you! I just suspect there will be an opportunity crop up sometime in the next week to cross something off that list.


  1. I am well aware, and I’m back in the dark place, so I’m not in the mood to engage anyone. I sometimes *can’t* help it, and judgement really doesn’t help – it makes it worse. I have no time for the cruelty of others.

  2. Very sound advice. Thanks Dix!

  3. Thanks for this, Dixie! I agree, the weekly forecasts are really helpful. And I’m really glad I saw this so early today.

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