Weekly Forecast 7/22: Do Not Meddle, Meddlers! King Pentalces, Page Swords, Queen Cups

Uh oh; is there a fix-it urge in ya?

Short version: It looks to be a rather intense week. The urge to take care of others is strong, loved ones or even random, seemingly needy strangers. But trying to make decisions for other people is disrespectful and also pretty much asking for grief because you don’t  control those decisions. Support as you can, say your piece once with whatever persuasion you can muster, and then detach from the outcomes…

Are you feeling this?


  1. And I find it very interesting that this echos the daily for tomorrow, because I do them at completely different times and don’t mix and match it up. Either it’s relevant or I’m incredibly repetitive. (Don’t answer that!)

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