Weekly Tarot Forecast, 8/19: Chill Pill, Grasshopper!

Uh oh! Sharp and charged weather out there, man.

Short version: Doesn’t look to be an easy week. The air feels charged, crackling with tension and a sense of high stakes. Some of this is probably in your head, by the way. Some, not so much.

To best cope, focus on emotional priorities and don’t let less important issues contribute to a “landslide” effect by seeing them as equal to what most matters to you. This is akin to making a list and focusing on the top items, letting those bottom items slide as need be and WITHOUT GUILT. Remaining rational and mustering up whatever patience you can, restraining from harsh self-criticism, and tackling challenges one at a time make this week do-able.

Are you feeling this? Gosh, I hope not!

Shine Thy Light!