01/16/12: Not getting the message! | Rev Page of Swords


“The most considerable difference I note among men is not in their readiness to fall into error, but in their readiness to acknowledge these inevitable lapses.” Thomas Huxley

Nobody sees anything, one single damn second before they are ready to see it. I’ve believed this for years, and my experience working with Tarot has done absolutely nothing to convince me otherwise. More like the contrary.

However, if someone is ready and interested to see what’s really there, sometimes you can support and thus hasten their efforts to do so.

By the way, this goes at least double for me, maybe triple! So it’s not like I’m pointing fingers.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Page of Swords (Earth in Air). Pages often refer to messages, and in the suit of Swords, the message is likely one of reason. Inverted, I’m wondering if we’re just not getting it?

Question what you “know” to be true—you may realize some of what you’ve accepted as fact is actually a belief. It may even be one you’ve outgrown. Consider the source(s) carefully. Consider your biases. Consider your willingness to listen.

Sometimes the hardest messages are the most important. Open your awareness to hearing the unexpected. Even if it stings for a minute (and it might), it’s worth listening to.

Do you sometimes miss the message? I do!

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  1. CancerMom says:

    “Question what you “know” to be true” TRUTH is stabilizing, it’d be nice to have it. ?-)

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