01/28/12: Having what you need | Firm Foundation


“Only the insecure strive for security.” Wayne Dyer

4_of_PentaclesI sometimes complain about the Psychic Tarot Oracle’s tendency toward Pollyanna, but here it reminds us of the up-side of an often maligned card. The Four of Pentacles (Sun in Capricorn) or Lord of Earthly Power speaks to security. It’s often read as greed, fear, and resource hoarding. But it also points to stability, security, and yes, a “Firm Foundation.”

There are times when resources need to be managed in the material world. Money is certainly one resource, but how about time, energy, or efforts?

We only have so much of whatever resource to go around. The Four of Pentacles says we DO have what we need already and it’s stable. So no reason to worry. Having what you want? That’s an entirely different question. Best to know the difference.

Do you have what you really need?

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by John Holland

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  1. I sure do.

  2. I have one outstanding “need”. And it’s definitely a need, not a want, kuz I don’t ~want~ it~.

  3. Yes, thank God! Sometimes I see this card and think “pulling in your horns”.

  4. Well, I just want to say I really appreciate this deck’s take on that. A firm foundation is something that this “spiritual type” sometimes overlooks in favor of the more spiritual foundation, but as I get older, I realize how helpful it can be to actually have some of the human body material needs covered also. Who has time and energy for more “spiritual” pursuits and inquiries when one is preoccupied with basic survival stuff? Sure, the constant stress can push one to seek some salvation through some spiritual path (there is another upside), but… I am so over that stress.

    Hmm… I do really appreciate the upsides.

  5. Yah, I have a few decks I find rather Pollyannish, but somehow I like many of the visuals in this one. Think I’m gonna have to get it…

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