April 24

04/25/13: Breather / 4 Swords



Well, Geez. After yesterday’s Overburdened, this is certainly a welcome rest! The Four of Swords has always struck me as a bit creepy, looking so…deathlike. But it does indicate the opportunity to truly take a rest, breath a sigh of relief and know that you’re in a place of safety. Traditional versions often show this scene in a church (adding to the funeral factor) but here, the soldier is safe within solid brick walls. I find it notable his horizontal sword is nearby, almost within his reach. He’s resting for sure, but this time can serve as preparation for the upcoming conflict in the Five of Swords.

Yes, it’s safe to take a breather. Matter of fact, it’s imperative! Let the downtime refresh and replenish your body, mind and spirit. You’ll need to be at your best to face whatever comes next.

Are you able to take a breather?

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Four of Swords, Gilded Tarot

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