08/12/13: Empty Chair / Death Rev.

death-meaningWell, after yesterday’s crossroads, Death kind of fits in. Reversed, the impact seems blunted, which can be helpful with Death.

Death is what is gone, obliterated. Inverted, the emptiness seems a bit easier to take. I don’t think the destruction process itself is hitting right now. I’m thinking more in terms of blank spots. Like the empty seat at the dinner table. The free time when you used to _____.  The job you don’t have anymore, or the friend you’ve broken it off with. It’s reaching for the phone, and realizing you don’t have someone to call. The feeling I’m getting around this is kind of, “What now?”

It’s that hole, before it’s filled again.

That’s okay. If this is where you are, you will feel normal again. You just have to rebuild your routine. Do it consciously and it will feel natural again before you know it.

Are you feeling this vibe?

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
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  1. My card of the day is death upright. Changes and transformation and that feeling of being overwhelmed and what now, and feeling empty is really present and I think necessary for further growth of Self… Cool how It works, that the same energy can present itself in both the unblocked and blocked aspects…..

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