August 10

08/11/13: Crossroads Crunch / 2 of Swords



Today’s card reminds me of an incident many years ago. I wanted to leave detox, a job  I was finding to be suffocating and (I worried) killing my compassion. I was ready to become a sign language interpreter, of all things. But the detox job paid well by our standards at the time. There was concern over being able to make it financially. It was a very emotional, gut-wrenching struggle.

Two of Swords decisions remind me a little of pregnancy: it’s yes or no, this or that, without middle ground. Like my decision back then, there was no way to do both. At this card’s crossroads, there WILL be a road not taken.

Not quite Lady Justice but having a lot in common, this blindfolded woman tries to make a rational (Swords) choice (Two). While there may well be emotion involved, she’s looking (or not looking!) to weigh it out via reason, best she can.

Carefully consider options—don’t be hasty. All choices have both benefits and costs. It’s not the time to ignore either the benefits or costs.

Back in the day, I did end up going to school…for a while. I didn’t become a sign language interpreter, obviously. But I did get out of detox and we did manage financially. And like so much in life, things ended up on a completely different tangent that nobody could have ever surmised. Not to muddy the waters much, but that may happy for you Two of Swords questions, too.

So just do the best you can with the information you have on hand. That’s really all you can do, huh?

Are you at a crossroads?

Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti
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Gilded Tarot, Two of Swords

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