08/28/13: Ups and Downs of Juggling Hard / 2 of Pentacles

Years ago, when we were in the middle of the Custody Battle from HELL ™ I was enrolled in school full time. And I was volunteering 8 hours a week. I had small children. And I was working part time, I think, at least for some of that period. It’s hard to remember honestly, as that time has “blur” written all over it.

2-of-pentacles-tarot-illuminatiIn retrospect, I feel kind of bad the fact. Because I was so busy with rather inflexible demands of my schedule, I effectively checked out emotionally at points. I didn’t have much left over, you know? I was exhausted, even sneaking in naps in my car before classes. I managed to maintain, but the outcome was that it left my husband alone in the middle of an emotional mess while I was absorbed poring over scientific journals or writing research papers. It wasn’t my intention to leave him on his own, but despite the reasons I wasn’t fully present, it had the same impact.

It did make it easier for me, though. I had no physical or emotional bandwidth to remain upset. It was an escape. For better or worse in the big picture, it helped me through that time.

That’s what this Two of Pentacles reminds me of—demands of maintaining the status quo crowding out emotional concerns. The rough waters in the background show emotional turmoil. Who knows if one or both of those ships will capsize? He has no time to wonder! This man’s focus is fully required to maintain juggling his Pentacles—the physical, financial or energetic demands of his life. Tarot Pentacles are about the physical world and physical manifestation. See the infinity symbol around the Pentacles? There’s no clear end in sight.

Those pentacles could represent a number of situations: financial stress, health problems, family concerns, whatever. The overriding theme, however, is that the all-encompassing attention that’s required to keep real-world issues managed is also taking place in a wider emotional context.

My advice  is to start with acknowledging that sea: be aware of emotional context you may be ignoring. Also, start looking for some help! Relief from juggling duties, even occasional, will make the overall situation easier to maintain. I’m not saying the juggling is not necessary or important. That’s not my call. I’m saying there are implications and costs that can go along with this phase. Everything requires a trade-off, baby. If it takes all you got to keep those Pentacles in the air, there’s nothing left over for you (or the people you love). Know what you’re paying for it as well as what you’re getting from it. I guess above all, I’d tell you to make it a plan to keep your juggling temporary. This is workable for a while, but is not a permanent solution.

Are you juggling hard?


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  1. There are times when these periods can be helpful, get us through difficulties no doubt, but yes, potential costs…

  2. Holy cow, I was just thinking about taking on a big big thing. But you’re right, this would be the price to pay most likely.

  3. So, this card has been popping up for me a time or two in the past two weeks. Can’t say as he has been a regular visitor before which made me even more interested in what you had to say about it The time period in your life that you just described sounds very familiar. I went through a period just as nutsy not so long ago. I was single, had two teenage boys who were “overscheduled” (both played sports and were involved in extracurricular activities..sometimes in two different towns at the same time); I worked full time; I was going to school full time AND I was running my own excercise business AND teaching 7-9 classes a week besides all the paperwork and stuff I had to do behind the scenes. I. Have. No. Idea. How. The. Hell. I. Pulled. It. All. Off. But, I did. And, I did have help that I accessed regularly. However, I did NOT have time to be emotionally connected or involved in a whole lot, just like you said.
    However, it was a time when I also needed to emotionally disconnect for awhile. I was just pulling out of a very depressed period and a divorce. It was like I had all these things thrown at me at once so that I would stay busy and didn’t have time to wallow. Interesting time, it was.
    I like your take on this, as always Dixie And, I'm going to take it as a reminder to keep things in balance as best I can.

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