06/10/13: Faceoff and Resolution / 2 Wands, 5 Cups, Hanged Man


2_of_Wands 5_of_CupsTarot_12_The_Hanged_Man This version of the Two of Wands from the Transparent Tarot emphasizes the conflict that I’ve found lives in the more traditional versions but sometimes remains unacknowledged. It’s usually pretty well in hand (in the favor of the questioner), but this rendition shows a more evenly-matched battle of wills (Tarot Wands).

The Five of Cups shows us a sadness and grief over the situation, although it could probably be mitigated by acknowledging the areas of commonality, i.e. the three remaining cups standing upright. They are to the figure’s back here, not see or appreciated.

And for advice, we have the Hanged Man, envisioned as a cocoon in the Transparent Tarot. Wait and see what the whole situation gives birth to ultimately. There will be a transformation over time.

Have you had one of these sorts of confrontations?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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  1. Kristine says

    In the middle of it right now. Being patient and keeping my head low before I make a decision on all that has happened the last several days here.

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