05/15/13: Strong Position / 2 Wands


Mr. Two of Wands is all ready to confidently step through that gateway formed by his two wands—it’s interesting, he doesn’t seem to need an audience. But he’s certainly dressed for one! A mountain behind him hints to the fact that he’s already achieved a lot, as does his relatively formal dress. There are notable accomplishments. While the Two of Wands usually shows self-assuredness, I’ve found that often there is also some less-than-obvious conflict that accompanies this card, off-camera as it were.

But it is an indication of circumstances well-managed, firmly in hand. And when there are disputes, that’s a good place to have circumstances! He feels he will continue to meet his objectives and his position is solid. He’s ready to keep stepping forward.

Are you feeling confident of your position?

Cosmic Tarot Deck
by Norbert Losche

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