08/28/12: Noticing the Love | 4 of Wands

20120823_184713 (432x620)There is optimism, joy and commitment in the Four of Wands. Sometimes called the “wedding card,” this card often arrives to herald a special event, a ceremony, or celebration of some milestone. I’ve also seen it talk about a safe haven.

Tarot fours show stability, and Tarot wands speak to creative passion. It’s a fruitful, solid union.

Reversed, it may not be obvious or fully appreciated joys. But you can still access it, if you look a little harder. You ARE on solid ground here, surrounded by love and trust. Did you notice?

Are you feeling the Four of Wands?

08/28/12: Noticing the Love | 4 of Wands 2 Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  • cjwright says:

    One of my favorite cards, whether coming or going. Yes, I think I am feeling it these days.

  • Jennifer Hillman says:

    Yep… feeling it and knowing it is becoming more stable with patience.

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