05/30/13: Perspective on Loss / 5 of Cups


Uh oh! It’s the kind of card my daughter’s going to complain about!

Here we have the Five of Cups—it’s a card of loss and grief. As a do-gooding Sally Sunshine, of course it’s my moral obligation to point out the 2 cups standing behind the cloaked figure. But honestly, when you’re crying over the 3 cups spilled, you don’t much want to hear about the 2 cups standing. In hoping to help ease the grief, timing is pretty much everything.

One of my favorite questions in such circumstances is, “How much is this going to matter five years from now? Five months? Five weeks?” Also annoying, but at least the thought can help drill down into our loss consciousness to remind us, we probably aren’t looking at the end of the world. It just feels like it…and just for a little while.

And of course there is the most important question. What can you learn from it?

I’m not saying it doesn’t matter. I’m just saying once you feel your pain, it makes sense to let it pass as quickly and easily as you can. Turn around, pick up those remaining cups, and keep moving. The Six of Cups has a nicer view.

Are you dealing with a loss?

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