03/02/13: Crazy Ideas / 6 of Clouds


Ack! The snowman’s watching you!

6_of_SwordsThe Six of Swords we’re most accustomed to seeing has people huddled on a boat, undertaking a hard journey but to better shores. Here, the Zodiac Tarot shows us just the astrological association: Mercury in Aquarius. Communication (Mercury) or thinking (Mercury) is liable to be a little detached/cold/weird/ or shocking (Aquarius).

It doesn’t have to be a drawn-out journey, you know. Sudden freedom (Aquarius) is accessible via thinking (Mercury). A single idea is all it takes, if it’s a revolutionary enough idea.

It’s a good time to let yourself think not just outside the box, but outside the house, outside the whole damn neighborhood! Question what you’ve assumed “must be” because magic is available via what “cannot be.” Mercury and Uranus energy combined is an astrological marker for genius. And how many geniuses have made their name as such by doing what everybody else told them was impossible?

Access intuitive leaps by questioning what “everybody knows.” Because everybody isn’t always right! It’s like brainstorming taken to a new level. Crazy ideas are not always so “crazy” as they first appear. Open your mind to the possibilities!

You have any “crazy ideas”?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. You have any “crazy ideas”?

    That’s what everyone tells me.

  2. It’s interesting to me the way different decks bring out different feelings, different sides to the card. I love the 6 of Swords but this one makes me panic a little. Snowman out of reach and when will he melt and the opportunity missed?

    That said, I did have a crazy idea yesterday!

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