02/08/13: Wiggle room? Not much! / 9 of Swords

Nine of Swords ResolutionsUh oh! A repeat man…and not a pretty one. Here, the Nine of Swords pairs up with “Resolution” to tell me you have limited options for resolving.

While the Nine of Swords in general speaks to worry and isolation, this particular version emphasizing that “trapped” feeling by showing a person whose hands are tied, front and center. Looking at yesterday’s Page of Swords in the flow of story, I’m thinking that you may have limited wiggle room.

Could you use a sword to cut the rope? Probably, but be aware you may draw some blood yourself in the process. You’ll have to judge your own risk tolerance on this one.

Where you are is where you are. Work with it as best you can. Id’ say look for the lessons within because somehow, it seems that learning those lessons appear to be central to moving the &%^$ on from this stuff…and don’t overdo the guilt factor. Also, it’s also helpful confiding with others if you’re in a Nine of Swords type situation. If nothing else, the support can help lift your spirits.

Are you feeling limited wiggle room?

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