03/30/14: Stress Insomnia / Nine of Swords

9 of Swords Meaning

All the stress? It wears on you and it does impact your health, but the scares are a result are probably blown out of proportion says the Nine of Swords, paired with “Health.” Also be aware of the role guilt and fear plays into the picture, because it does.

Aside: get some sleep for goodness sakes!

My advice: Self-care, and seek support from trusted companions. That in and of itself will make you feel better in an immediate, tangible way. And of course, you can always fill my favorite prescription of a good, long nap!

Is the stress wearing on you?

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  1. And I hope you are feeling better as well…

  2. I’ve been worried about health constantly! And yes, I did wake up last night and just started praying about it. You never cease to amaze… thanks for the reassurance.

  3. You’re my trusted companion so I’m halfway there and I’m good the with results being “blown out of proportion”.

    Hugs from here

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