08/03/13: Focus & Use Your Words / 9 of Swords

9-swordsThis Nine of Swords is from the Zodiac Tarot, derived exclusively from the cards’ astrological associations instead of the multiple associations more common for Tarot decks. Mars is forceful energy, and Gemini is multiple channels. Here power (Mars) comes from facts or thoughts (Gemini). The anxious worry often associated with this card originates in thoughts. But this version emphasizes the other side of the coin, the power (Mars) of information (Gemini).

Because of the version we have today, I’d suggest taking a studied approach, being armed (Mars) with facts (Gemini) from diverse (Gemini) sources, using that information as your impetus (Mars). Diversity is strength. While Gemini can suffer from scattered attention, let Mars help you focus by directing the diversity of approach toward a singular goal. This will net the best results.

Gemini being an intellectual Air sign, it’s also the sign of a skilled communicator, and Mars indicates how you go about getting what you want. Just as mother might suggest to a frustrated toddler ready to lash out, don’t take random swings. Instead, “use your words.” If you’ve thought enough about the issues to gain clarity exercised due diligence gathering the facts beforehand, those words should be surprisingly effective.

Are you feeling this vibe?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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