07/19/13: Exaggerated Worries /rev 9 of Swords


When it was time to get new eyeglasses, I got very stressed over the choices. I can’t see well to read and it had been maybe three or four years since I’d gotten my eyes checked. Should I spring for bifocals or worse (meaning OLD woman), get bifocal contacts (though I’ve never had contacts, would I be able to adjust), or just get plain glasses and stock up on cheapo readers? Would I hurt my eyes if I made the wrong choice? Would I waste a lot of money getting something I hated and therefore wouldn’t use?

I know. I know. It sounds stupid, but I was truly stressed over it. I didn’t want to make a poor choice that ended up with me feeling guilty or wasting money with something I wouldn’t use. I actually did divination work on the decision.

My tools would not tell me what to do, by the way. No surprise there. Although they were clear, it didn’t really make any difference. So I just made a damn decision, and it was fine.

This is an admittedly trivial example of the reversed Nine of Swords energy. While I didn’t literally lose sleep over eyeglass quandary, I most often see this card when someone is having trouble sleeping, beset by guilt and worries. This is also an isolated, lonely situation. It’s been my observation that the subject of the Nine of Swords is responsible for the situation themselves in some respect, and their desire to hide the fact adds to the isolation.

Inverted, I would expect the worry (or anticipated response if the worry is confessed) to be overblown. Either deal with the situation directly or come clean about it if you need help, because it’s the combination of exaggerated worry and hiding that makes this energy so miserable.

You feeling a little worried?

Tarot Illuminati by Eric Dunne & Kim Huggens

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  1. So I’ve been awake since 1am because a Musical dream, very dramatic and about boxes woke me up with my heart thumping. It’s now 3:52am. I have all the boxes I was worried about ready for my sister to come get them to make a castle for her son’s birthday party tomorrow. This was not something I should’ve lost sleep over, but yeah … did. Should’ve read this card last night. lol

  2. Every little health issue feels like actual doom…

  3. Your example is so timely for me. What did you decide on, Dixie?! I’ve been trying to make the same decision.

    Glasses are expensive, so there is rationale for the worry. The contacts lens solution is appealing to me, too, because I’m just sick to death of the frames sitting on my nose. It really is much ado about nothing. But, at the same time, not.

    I keep telling myself to get on with it because the glasses I have now are the worst choice of all. So whether it’s about something trivial like glasses or something of much more importance, exaggerated worries get me nowhere.

    Here’s another example of how a person can use your practical guidance, Dixie. (Though I still don’t know what I’ll do. Stay in the worry zone a little longer, and as you say, it’s completely my responsibility.)

    • Ah, I went ahead and got regular glasses (which I wear sometimes, sometimes not as I can see without them okay for basic stuff) and a ton of cheapo readers that are scattered about the house. And it’s been fine.

      Contacts appealed to my vanity and I liked having the sunglasses option, but they are more expensive and I didn’t know how I would adjust to contacts, especially bifocal ones out of the gate.

      In retrospect, I think and and all of the choices would have worked out fine and my divination on the matter consistently would not lean me towards one or the other. I’ve found that I cannot get clear direction on choices that I should just make myself, that don’t have significant impact on my life. (God knows I’ve tried before, too!)

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