01/31/13: Rich Idea | Ace of Swords


All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas – not money. –Robert Collier

I got the Ace of Swords repeatedly in a session not long ago. We were discussing a potential business partnership, and I did a simple cross spread I made up on the spot. This Ace showed up on top.

I shuffled and flipped some more as we talked, because hey, that’s what I do. Shuffle, ask and flip, shuffle, ask and flip. And don’t you know that as I shuffled, asked and flipped, this Ace kept showing up? Uncanny! And it kept showing up on top of whatever layout I was doing, crowning the spread.

I wasn’t using this deck, although this is one of my favorite for the Ace of Swords with those eagles flying high, the Air element symbol and zodiac glyphs in lights in the sky behind.

I’ll tell you a version of what I heard that day…there is one great big, bright idea to be had here, just in seed form now, but it shines and stands stands above and beyond all the rest. One idea outshines all the others and can logically (because we’re talking Swords here) take you from where you are to where you want to be.

One outstanding idea makes all the difference, if you act on it. Fly high above like the eagle to get a wide-reaching perspective. From above the clouds—letting go of attachments—you can soar and you can see.

Look for the seed of a very sharp idea today. Verify it makes sense—the Swords always do best when they make sense. Use that one idea to cut away anything that’s not relevant and focus on the essence, the heart of the question. That yields benefit.

You have any rich ideas lately?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. Some Native Americans consider the Hawk to be the Red Eagle I think.

  2. My husband is the eagle, big picture thinker, yet sometimes when there’s tension he flies too high, I usually add to the tension with too many ideas. Once I was able to reduce my noise, in volume & amount, it’s easier for both of us to SEE/HEAR the good ideas & this happened last night. We had a business struggle & he was stumped on handling 2 meetings. I heard/saw the answer within something our daughter said & our son followed up by taking dad out for a burger to get him out of the office to rethink & relieve stress.

    This card has 4 eagles & the 4 of us, me hubby & our 2 kids, were in the office discussing how to get this done. The 4 of us flew together in formation high enough to problem solve.

    GREAT STUFF & I’m glad you used this deck for todays tarot

  3. Josi posted at 5:55.

    • Repeating numbers YEA!!!! I get this stuff all the time, yesterday Dixie was working on a reading for me and it came in and 12:22. Angels all around us thanks for pointing this out to remind me

  4. I drew this card for myself on Tuesday (same deck and everything) and I’m so glad to see your take on it. I can tell you, the ideas were certainly flying that day and I had to be discerning as to which one I gave my attentiont to–evaluate them and stuff.
    Plus, there were 4 hawks (not eagles..but still) that kept circling outside my office window all day. LOL. Pretty cool stuff.

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