02/25/13: Live like it’s your Birthday / Nine of Cups

“I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” —Bilbo at his 111th birthday party


I’ll take the Nine of Cups in any deck! Here, it arrives as a birthday party. Woot!

For me, birthdays are a time to reflect on what’s come before (Hello, Mercury retro!), and look forward to what’s to come. Milestones are sometimes approached with dread, but I like having check-ins, you know? If I’m not where I’d like to be, that’s indication I need to up my game, or perhaps acknowledge differing priorities. Either way, the knowledge is powerful.

And of course, more than anything else, birthdays are a time to celebrate life. Gratitude, joy, and appreciation of sensual pleasures reign.

So my Tarot advice for today is to reflect, plan, appreciate, and enjoy. More than anything, the Nine of Cups is always a card of contentment.

You can handle that, right?


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  1. This means we get to eat cake, right?

    • Dixie, This is one of those post where I almost spit coffee on my screen as I’m reading! It’s SO timely, almost too much lol. I’m glad you do these way in advance because my daughter would’ve thought you did this one for her. She turned 24 on Friday.

      LOVED Bilbo’s quote! I think it reflects the realities of social media. He has tons of friends at his party yet 1/2 he doesn’t know very well & the other half he doesn’t care that much. You may have 500 friends on Facebook but who really shows up for your party & can you honestly say you’d want them all there.

      Reflection is easier as we age, the young are straining to push forward. Stopping to honestly review & reflect is valuable for growth at any age, I think it’s more valuable while still young.

      The universe once again steps in to provide advice though our pink haired tarot ninja (insert smiley face & heart) I don’t know how to do the new emoticons.

    • Mmmm cake! It’s a strange tradition we have of birthday cake. We carefully bake a cake & lovingly decorate it with the person’s name then we light it on fire. The celebrant then spits all over it as they blow out the flames while we all stand around in anticipation waiting for our piece.

      Think about that next time you’re at a kid’s birthday party (wink)

    • Of course you can have cake, josi!

  2. testing >:(

  3. I just LOVE the smileys in this font!

  4. Contentment? Bring it on!

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