03/18/14: Body Choices / 2 of Swords

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords makes an interesting pair with “body.” What choices are you making about your health and activity? Are they reasonable, rational?

The Two of Swords also frequently points to turning points. Crossroads or decision points are highlighted with this card. You can do THIS or you can do THAT. Which will it be?

Here, I want to remind you that your everyday decisions do have an impact on your body, which also has an impact on both your mind and spirit. You cannot only listen to one and ignore the others. If you care for yourself well physically, your thinking will be clearer and your connection will be stronger. Your body and your soul are a package deal.

Think about that next time you’re shortchanging the old bag of flesh, will you? Ha!

Are you making choices regarding your body?

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  1. Every day. Every stair. Every dragging, growling breath. Every drop of sweat, every groaning muscle fiber. Oh fuck yes.

  2. That’s some beat poetry right there.

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