01/06/12: Eyes on the Prize? | Chariot

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“The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire, not things we fear.” –Brian Tracy

Man…anybody got déjà vu? Today’s Tarot is The Chariot (Cancer). Again. This symbolism-laden color-burst depiction is from the Thoth-inspired Rosetta Tarot. Led by four sphinxes, the crab-armored driver doesn’t take his challenges head-on, but rather sidesteps and indirectly approaches them, as a crab would.

Focus on your mission, but be prepared to take an indirect route. How you get there matters much less than the fact you’re not stopping until you do! Heart, remember? Heart-driven. That’s what affords you the drive to see this through successfully.

Approaching your goal, get there however you can. And remember, the Chariot rider is driving to victory, not fleeing from disaster!  He has a formidable wall of emotional punch backing him up. A tidal wave, in fact. He’s motivated to carefully direct his energies because of the importance of his mission. It’s his Holy Grail he carries, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get it home. He will.

Protect what is of value to you. Ignore distractions; they delay your mission. As long as your heart remains in it, you can call on the strength of the Chariot to lead your charge. And win. So take heart and stay on task.

Do you usually focus on what you want or what you fear?

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  1. Both. It depends on the day. It’s easier to give in to fear, when other things are going wrong.

  2. “Do you usually focus on what you want or what you fear?”

    WISE WORDS MY FRIEND!! Very Wise words. Once again my sweet pink haired friend your cards are speaking to me.


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