01/04/11: Heart-Driven | The Chariot

chariot-meaningI toss cards all over the place when I read. I’ll often pick up and reshuffle during a conversation, especially when the topic changes. As a result, there will often be one or two cards that stand out, making them louder than the others. It often seems to signal the heart of overriding issues, unifying energy between sometimes multiple questions.

In a recent reading, it was today’s Tarot: The Chariot (Cancer). Typical Chariot keywords like “focus” and “drive” don’t immediately scream “Cancer” to me. But “heart” does, and the Chariot is a card of heart! He fights for home and family, those dear to him. This is what gives him his focus, his motivation! It’s his inspiration. It’s why he does what he does, because his fight is always over protecting something close to his heart.

The Chariot reminds us to keep in focus the reasons behind our battles if we’d come out victorious. He harnesses the power of both his light and shadow, directing ALL the energy he available consciously toward his goal. (That means he’s got to face his shadow and accept it.) And he acts, always, straight from the heart. That’s a powerful punch.

He may have to check himself every now and then to make sure he hasn’t wandered off the path, but I tell you what: I sure wouldn’t bet against him!

Can you see the Chariot at work in your life?

Cosmic Tarot Deck (78 Tarot Cards/Cs78)
by Norbert Losche


  1. ScorpioMoonGirl says

    I did a reading for myself today (I don’t draw cards every day), about the best way to approach an upcoming event this weekend, and got The Chariot. And it was perfect for what I had in mind. I could see it so clearly how Chariot energy would totally help me out, make me overcome any fear I have and help me focus on what I want to achieve. I was really happy to see this card. Thanks Universe and thanks Dixie!

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