03/04/14: Cleansing Tears / 5 of Cups

Five of Cups

So. You pair the Five of Cups with “Conscious desires” and what do you have? I am thinking a wish to grieve already and be done with it. A need to acknowledge pain so it can be released, dumped out onto the ground. Grief is healing.

There are some pains that are difficult to discuss with others because it makes the people uncomfortable. They want to brush the hurts off with platitudes or unfounded optimism because pain is…well, contagious. Disturbing, particularly if it’s the pain of someone you care for.

I’m as much of a “bright-sider” as the next chick. (Okay, more so.) But when you are hurting, or I am hurting. or anyone is hurting, trying to avoid that pain in favor of floating directly over to the bright side of the street doesn’t work very well.

I’m seeing a recognition today of losses, with a suggestion to acknowledge them. Acknowledgement here validates the worth. If you have some tears of grief, let them flow. They will cleanse your soul of the hurt and allow you to walk through the pain over to the brighter side of the street.

And if you can serve this purpose for someone else? That’s a rare and valuable gift. Don’t hesitate to give it wholeheartedly. You’ll have a hand in healing by doing so.

Cleansing tears in your vicinity?

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