Everyday Tarot, 07/26/11: Don’t Isolate!


I’ve been kind of inclined to rush to the point the last few days’ Tarot forecast. Have you noticed? This is because I feel the same energy as everybody else, and this is what I can come up to work it. Don’t worry–I’m sure I’ll get my mouth mojo back soon.

Today’s 3-card spread is the Three of Cups, the Ten of Wands and the King of Cups. Here’s the quickie forecast:

Lighten your burdens by connecting with loved ones.  Definitely not the time to isolate. The extra juice this provides helps you care for yourself, for others, and live in concert with your feelings. That’s a worthy goal.

You feeling this?

The Transparent Tarot
by Emily Carding

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  1. ScorpioMoonGirl says

    But what if you do want to lighten your burden and say “Hey, look everyone, here’s the deal, I have a problem and I’d really appreciate your support, and you know I only ask for help like once a decade,” and they say “Quite frankly, we don’t really give a damn and we’re too busy procrastinating and we enjoy it, maybe if you ask again in a couple of months, we’ll think about it” :-((

    • {{{SMG}}} I’m really sorry.

      • ScorpioMoonGirl says

        Thank you

        Yeah, and when you express that you’re not really happy with that answer, they’ll go like “Stop whining and get over yourself!” Hello…. seriously, I was not whining

        • Ow. Kind of a WTF moment, huh? Well, I’m sending you good vibes, for whatever they are worth…

          • ScorpioMoonGirl says

            Definitely a WTF moment. Big time!

            Your vibes are always good! They are the kind and soothing type…

            I called a friend of mine who lives just about as far away from home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html as one can get in this country and I’ll head out her way tomorrow morning. This visit is long overdue anyway. I just can’t be at home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html right now. I understand I can’t always be the #1 priority for my family but it’s not fair that I am priority #100,000 either, is it?

  2. I’m isolating tonight, and did last week. I need to, though. Just a bit.

  3. Michelle says

    I love these card- they are so fun!!! Thanks for mixing it up.

  4. Another beautiful interpretation, Dixie. It always helps to connect with someone who loves us and cares about the load we carry. Isolation festers. Thanks for the reminder to reach out when we need to.

  5. Oh I totally isolate when I feel L O W and have to remind myself to connect although usually by then I’m in the hole. That’s actually one of the good sides to all this social networking crap. You can be feeling blue and some little smile from internetland can bring cheer! Like visiting your site, Dixie!

  6. (((Dixie)))

    A hug for you today! And yes, my initial reaction to stress has always been to isolate. But I’m getting much better at not doing that! It’s really interesting – usually when I’m having a bad day, a friend isn’t, and vice versa. And we lift each other back up.

    This card deck just intrigues the hell out of me. It seems very subtle, yet very powerful. I think I like it.

    And, I’m am SO grateful for all of you here. Even if I can’t reach out to friends near to me, I’ve got all of you. Thank you! Hugs and love to all of you today.

    Onward. Upward.

    • And if I seem kinda schizo lately, I apologize. Seems like the energy hits me hard and fast, and then moves out just as quickly, if I get out of the way. It’s a very fast rollercoaster!
      Today is a good day, and I’m grateful for it!

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