Everyday Tarot, 05/27/11: Moving Beyond Planning with Page of Swords

page-swordsThe reason that everybody likes planning is that nobody has to do anything. – Jerry Brown

Planning for “someday” is not the same as doing. I’ll take a modest action over a truckload of grandiose plans anytime. As beautiful and important as our dreams are, as the magical spark that begins the process of creation, they can sometimes morph into little more than a pretty package for procrastination. What makes the difference between real-world results and being an also-ran is what you DO with those ethereal bits of intellectual flotsam.

Today’s Tarot is the Page of Swords, “Princess of the Rushing Winds”—okay, I think of this rendition as having that Y chromosome, but whatever. He’s associated with Earth in Air—the start of manifesting (earth) a new (page) idea (air). You’ll sometimes see him as you undertake a new enterprise, sign contracts, or even work up a business plan. I think of him as heralding ideas made real.

Plans are great. But when you see the Page of Swords, you can take it as indication that you’ve done enough planning for the moment. It’s time to do the work to make those plans real.

Whatever it is you say you want—those 20 pounds gone, the closets organized, the blog you’ve been planning to start, the skill you have been intending to learn—well, what’s stopping you? Is it just you, stopping you?

The Page of Swords reminds us to take the next logical (Swords) step in our process. Here, we streamline the dreams from the practical and, if we hope to accomplish something, take some real-world steps in that direction. He prods us to get moving!

You have any plans ready to be implimented?

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  1. Dixie,

    What is the name of the Tarot deck that this Page of Swords is from?

    Thank you!!!


  2. ScorpioMoonGirl says

    Ha ha, so spot on again. I had been dreaming of traveling this summer now that Dad is employed again and earning, and just today I signed the papers to make it real. No more dreaming, I’m going to do it! I’ll be taking my brother with me. Yay!

  3. I have a ton of work to do, and now I’m getting the Nike ad running through my head “Just Do It” and Captain Picard saying “Make it so…”

  4. It is time to take a step, the problem is I am at a fork in road. In which direction do I step? Are you working this Monday?

  5. Hmmm. I’m not sure, but he’s a cutie!

  6. Yes, I DO!

    When I get my finances above water, I’m copyrighting music and putting it together with a slideshow to put up on YouTube and ITunes!!!
    It’s time.

  7. music4am says

    The page of swords for today is absolutely perfect! On every level there are so many things that I’ve been dreaming/mullling/planning. How great to see him today when just yesterday I was thinking, Is it time to start yet? On the most basic level, I’ve got a few house projects that I was thinking it’d be nice to get taken care of over the long weekend. Looks like I’ll be starting after I get back from having lunch with my oldest :o)
    Thanks Dixie!


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