10/11/11: Next Act Coming! | Knight of Cups, Devil, The Star

shadowscapes tarot forecast

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Knight of Cups, The Devil, and The Star from Shadowscapes. Beautiful images, although I don’t have them photographed as clearly here as I might. But no matter…the point is the message, not the illustration.

Those emotional ups and downs, back and forth, the sense of being chained and trapped and stuck right now? Temporary. (Also, the emotional fluxes contribute more to the sense of being trapped than actual circumstances do. That can be moderated by perspective.)

But the point–you’re setting the stage for the next act. You’re positioning yourself and those you’re helping to come out strong. So don’t bemoan the drag. It DOES have a point and it’s a point you want to reach for. Do what you can to lighten your load and push through the rest.

You feeling the drag?

Shadowscapes Tarot
by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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  1. Correction – the first card here is the Eight of Cups! Aggggh. Anyway, the read still holds. Thank Tarot.

  2. Right on target as usual…keep it up! hugs

  3. Oh boy did I need to hear that. Yes, the “drag” has been a bear for the last couple of days. Feeling like I’m moving through rapidly setting concrete, and getting nowhere fast. Then yesterday, as the moon conjuncted Uranus, it also set off the transiting Uranus trine to my Uranus, and it felt like fire ants under my skin, in my psyche. Luckily that part has calmed down today.

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