Death: Transforming into Your True Self

I am at the tail end of a personal pathworking experiment. I’ve been working my way through each card of the Major Arcana, waiting to have a recognizable, personal experience with each energy before moving on to the next card.

Aside: I’m using an oversized, majors-only version of this deck, which is gorgeous! I will eventually get the whole deck because it’s gorgeous.

It’s been a really interesting practice. It’s taken a couple of years(!) now and during this time, my worldview has shifted considerably. I can’t say it was due this exercise, although I couldn’t say it wasn’t, either. There were lots of surprises in the way I experienced each of the cards. And I’m interested in seeking exactly how The World makes itself known to me. Because all the cards have, once I gave them the chance.

But the point of the majors is really the transformation process–the Fool’s Journey, where the fool sets off to experience the world but instead experiences himself. Because you know my favorite thing to say here: all roads lead home.

This week? It’s kind of like that.  There is change about. Serious change. But all roads continue to lead home, forevermore.

Don’t let the pretty picture fool you. “Release” from the Psychic Heart Tarot is Death, Major Arcana key 13. Not a soft, fuzzy energy at all! While it’s an attractive depiction, the notion of a transformation is still well-illustrated. The man here is clearly being reborn, becoming someone different than before. No matter how you slice it, that’s kind of a big deal.

I also pulled from the Botanical Inspirations deck for advice and got Violet, associated with faithfulness and modesty.

Here’s what I’m feeling from this combo:  not only is the world changing, but so are you! What you have always taken as the last word may no longer ring true. The stimulus for this re-examination may be outside yourself or even global, but the impact feels quite personal. What used to be, no longer is.

That’s okay. Beyond okay, it’s perfect. Because evolution is both constant and unavoidable.

It may be uncomfortable. Massively uncomfortable? I can’t say. Because to be clear, YOU have a lot of say in that! Maybe annoying to hear, but utterly true. Maintaining your center is key in making this easier. Hell. Maintaining your center is key to everything.

[bctt tweet=”Just maintain your center. That’s your only job. #OnMyRadar” via=”no”]

Shift focus from control, from trying to effect some change, to integrity–personal integrity. Let go of everything that does not feel 100% TRUE to who you are, at the micro level. This is what you aim to live. Inner focus is always easier than mucking around in the state of the world, or your loved ones or the children or neighbors or friends or humanity at large.

Your individual energy flow IS part of the collective, and you get to decide what you want to add to the mix. So remain faithful to who you are.

And modesty here–understanding that you don’t know all or have to know all–is a relief. At least, it sure is for me! Because I’m way over the idea I have to figure it all out, even for me.

That’s the job. Transforming into your true self. All I have to manage is right here, right now. Being real, in the moment. Being loving, in the moment. Being honest (and honestly me), in the moment.

That’s do-able.

How are you managing out there?

P.S. I’m going to do the Zodiac 2018 Look-ahead Readings special again this year, starting after Thanksgiving. I’m thinking of adding a special bonus this year, so keep a watch out for the announcement, coming soon…

Shine Thy Light!