06/21/13: Detail Overload / rev Page of Pentacles

One thing I’ve noticed as a tell for liars—they give too many details, too much justification for conclusions. There’s an untrustworthiness about trying too hard to convince someone of something.

Of course sometimes, the person the speaker is most trying to convince is him or herself…


“Missing the forest for the trees” is a phrase that often comes to mind for the reversed Page of Pentacles at least in terms of communication. (Pages are frequently messengers and yesterday, we set off on a mission to communicate.) In general, this fellow is great with details—maybe a little too great.

What good is an powerful story if people are no longer listening to it?

I have Jupiter in Gemini, so I totally relate to the tendency to overshare details and processes. Many times, nobody but me cares! The “how” part of your conclusions need to take a back seat to the “what” part right now or you may find yourself bogged in details and debating little bits of nothing that don’t really matter. That’s a fast track to getting sidetracked!

Prioritize message. Hit the high points, state the most pertinent facts and save the supporting research for Q & A time today, okay?

Do you overshare?

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by Dennis Fairchild

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  1. I alternate between holding it all in and oversharing!

    Ya, seeking a nice balance. Ok, I’ll highlight the key points. I had a good lesson in that this week.

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