11/13/11: Devil’s in the Details! | The Devil, Knight of Disks

“I want to know all Gods thoughts; all the rest are just details.” Albert Einstein


Today’s Tarot Forecast is the Devil and the Knight of Disks from the colorful Rosetta Tarot (now available for purchase). As clarification, this is a Thoth-style deck where the Knights are equivalent to the RWS Kings—they are the Queen’s consorts, associated with fire-y part of the suit. Which kind of bugs me, since it makes the Queens seem like cougars, but nobody asked me. So this “Kingly” Knight is associated with Fire in Earth.

When I saw this combo, first thing leapt to mind is “the Devil’s in the details.” Usually, that phrase means details matter, but I’m thinking there is a devil on the flip side as well. Sometimes, we can get stuck, all myopic over such little, insignificant bits and pieces of life when the whole, the big picture is much different. We can suck away days and nights focused on minutia when the reasons behind the attention in the first place get all but forgotten. At least, if we have Virgo, we can!

If you’re feeling stuck, trapped, tied down, hemmed in, or otherwise thwarted, review your goals. Maybe it’s a type of insanity to keep doing the same things and wondering why they don’t magically start working differently. Try reviewing your decisions, but work backwards from the objectives to strategies for achieving them. Or maybe ask yourself if your goal is worthwhile still, and working for you? Because frustration is often a sign you’re getting stuck. Most times, there is a way out. Look to what really matters most, and dismiss the trivia. It streamlines your life and makes best use of available energy.

Do you get hung up or worked up over little things?

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  1. Yes! I’m hoping this hypnotherapist I’ll be seeing, will help me to stop doing that, and to stop shooting myself in the foot with regrets.

  2. Yes I do get worked up over little things but sometimes I think it’s just habit. If I’m able to see where the irritation initiates from it’s easier to let go of it easier.

    Totaly agree about the Queens feeling like courgars in this deck – icky.

    Thanks my pink haired friend

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