August 16

08/16/11: Emotional Purge | Eight of Cups


eight-cups-tarotI’ve been working on purging belongings—one of those messages I was trying to ignore. It’s not going super fast or anything, but it IS going, bit by bit, and it does feel better, I have to admit. While it’s physical stuff I’m cleaning out, the ultimate result is that energy cobwebs are being dissipated at the same time. Stuff holds vibes, y’know?

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Eight of Cups or Lord of Abandoned Success, associated with Saturn in Pisces. Coming on the heels of the reversed Tower, it’s looking like survivors are preparing to move on, you know? Can’t say that’s a bad thing.

What always strikes me with this card is not the leaving so much as those remaining cups. They are standing, intact. They don’t have to be knocked over before the figure walks away. I also note the cup grouping—five, which is conflict and change in Tarot, and three, creativity and birth. There was good and bad in what’s being abandoned. But both existed as part of a whole. Here, you cannot pick and choose which to keep and which to leave. It’s a package deal.

So really, it’s not just about cutting losses, although that’s part of the picture. It’s also walking away from a significant emotional investment. This is the energy of spiritual transformation, but you have to work (Saturn) to transcend (Pisces). It’s growth, accomplishment (Saturn) absolutely, but unquestionably requires sacrifice (Pisces) to move on.

Coming between the Seven of Cups, where some choices may not have been all they were cracked up to be, and the Nine of Cups, where wishes do come true, the Eight is about the transitional phase.  It’s a very considered, conscious decision of what to leave behind. Without doing so, you’re forever in emotional limbo. And who wants to live there?

We don’t leave because there’s nothing  of value remaining, or never has been. We leave because it isn’t working, or because we know what’s there is not what we ultimately want. The Eight of Cups in it’s simplest form is a decision to detach.

Have you been working on emotional purges?

Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  1. Let’s see. Have I been working on emotional purges?
    Good God. That’s ALL I’ve been doing for over 2 months.
    Enough, already! LOLOL
    But wow, I’m getting absolutely hammered this morning with the “Let’s Move Along, People!!” energy this morning. No patience, really excited (even tho I’m not sure about what!), and if I could I’d be jumping up and down like a Jack Russell terrier. (There’s a visual for you.)
    Thanks, Dixie, and good morning, everybody!
    (Insert little icon waving at you all!)

  2. It makes me glad to hear about your progress at home/dixiblog/domains/, Dixie I hope it has you feeling glad, too!

    I got this card last night in my reading when I asked about how to deal with my unpleasant situation at work yesterday. It was the “take home/dixiblog/domains/ message.”

    1. Caroline – I AM feeling better. I know I’ve done just a fraction of what needs to be done, but even that fraction feels lighter. I went through clothes to make room in the closet when my daughter came back home/dixiblog/domains/, some stuff from the room, and I’ve been through my books now (which is a BIG deal for me, I’m a book freak). Starting by area. It’s just gradual.

      Interesting that you saw this card in your reading last night. Did you know what to make of it as your take-home/dixiblog/domains/ message?

      1. Excellent, Dixie! I think it works out for the best that the process is gradual because can you imagine all of that energy being freed up overnight? It would probably be a little much!

        I asked for a clarification card because I was unsure. The outcome card had been the 2 of Pentacles, which I do take as favorable. I might need to seek a new job if things keep going downhill. It was coupled with the Queen of Swords, so I took it to mean in either case that I should know I won’t be here forever.

        1. Ah, that certainly makes sense. And looking at it that way, it is probably easier to detach emotionally. I’m glad you’re finding some clarity there. I was thinking of you…

  3. purging..yes. Both physical and emotional. I can completely relate to the “bit by bit” regarding the physical. I have these urges occassionally and even told my mother-in-law last weekend that I was in the mood to put a dumpster in my front yard and just throw everything in my house away. Sitting here right now and thinking of every room being empty sounds! However, I know that the action should not be so extreme. What happens is I over do with the purging and actually end up throwing stuff away inadvertantly that I should have kept. And you know I freakin hate that! But every indication I get is this the best way to go about it..meticulously. UGH.

    So, I purged some clothing that no longer fits to my sister-in-law. Am working on purging a crib and baby stuff that are no longer needed. And am m-e-t-i-c-o-u-s-l-y going through the paper I have accumulated to make sure I don’t throw away documents that are know birth certificates, divorce decrees, social security cards..again.

    But you are definitely right about the cobwebs. I had this stalker thing going on for awhile and I was determined to get anything about him out of the environment of my house. Don’t know if it helped things on his end but on my end there was huge bit of release that I didn’t expect.

    I emotionally regurgitate on a daily basis.. :turtle:

    1. See, I have seen that happen, getting rid of belongings associated with someone and their energy is released from your day-to-day experience, too. It’s like the stuff is a point of connection…

  4. You know what I have been doing and going through… how very fitting that this card shows up today. Putting house on the market as I see and feel me call to have most of my belonging going in one form or another. Cutting my losses indeed, yet knowing that 9 of cups is waiting just around the corner.

  5. Yikes, you guys.

    I’m reading Josi and Dixie’s back and forth about purging and getting rid of stuff that is someone else’s energy. Oh GOD. I started cleaning out a room down here that I’ve had SHUT OFF from the rest of my living space. It is full of my grandparents stuff. ACCCKKK!!!
    And I wonder why while I’m doing it, I can’t breathe.
    Ok, that’s just spooky.
    But thank you, both of you.
    I get it.
    Removing them from energy field.

  6. Yep… clearing other people’s stuff out of your life is a HUGE thing. Last year, almost exactly one month after I got rid of the last pieces of furniture (including a bed) from an ex-boyfriend, I met a wonderful new guy. And it definitely wasn’t a coincidence.

    Anyway… I didn’t get a chance to see today’s card this morning. I ditched all my work and went hiking in the woods all day. I came back late this afternoon, pulled up Dixie’s site, and said: “Oh look! It’s me ditching all my work and going hiking!” LOL

    Seriously though, it does seem very appropriate after yesterday’s Tower. And it’s very bittersweet, too.

    But like Jennifer said… the 9 of Cups is next! I need to keep telling myself that when my mind starts to wander into the past!

  7. I also didn’t get to see this card until just now. This weekend and next week will be a mixture of sweetness and sheer hell. Part of me is peeling away already, looking for the practical survival paths. The rest is torn between desperately hoping the signs are wrong and grieving since for me they never are.

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