08/10/12: Mama’s Preggers Again | Empress


“It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.” –Erma Bombeck

Oh man, Mama’s back! At least this is one of my favorite versions of the Empress (Venus). From Legacy of the Divine, she appears as a beautiful, pregnant motherly figure, surrounded by the harvest, and transforming life of many kinds.

What was that about Mommy issues again? Oy.

I AM a mother and a daughter. I’ve got a 10th house moon, so I do a bit of “mothering” (Moon) in public (10th House). It’s a role I never sought but feel natural in, all the same. Like I’m built for it even if I wasn’t looking for it. And it’s not an easy job, any side of the fence.

Mothering is one of…”those things,” you know? It can bring feelings so  profound, at times it feels impossible to grasp in a single, fell swoop, let alone put into words. It may be the same for fathering. I just don’t know because hey, I’m not one!

What I do know: you do the best you know how, as Mama or offspring. You can love without agreeing. You support what you feel good about supporting, and let go of what you don’t. Be as kind as you can in the process.

Because whatever becomes of the mother/child relationship, whatever joys or pains come therein, I can say without hesitation that it will impact both parties for the rest of their days. People carry this around. It changes how someone gives love and receives love and cares for others and cares for themselves. You neither want to be the one waking up middle-aged realizing they have some Mommy issues, nor the one going to bed, knowing your child will be that person. It’s worth trying to get right.

One thing that I find very telling about the Empress—she’s always pregnant with something! So no matter what you’ve got going on here, there is life that will be borne from it. She creates not only literal children, but art, beauty, comfort. She feeds and soothes and nurtures. Her presence always bears fruit. It’s up to us to determine what fruit she’s bearing and what to do with it.

Do you recognize this energy in you life right now?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot
by Ciro Marchetti

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  1. er, yeah, I became a mother again this morning. Apparently, there was an accident at Ox’s work and a mother cat was killed. She had two kittens. And, of course, we have adopted them. When he called to tell me, I was reading “A Wonder Book” by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It’s a children’s book that he wrote to illustrate a few tales from mythology. The story I was reading was about Perseus being sent to kill Medusa. I was at the point where Perseus met QuickSilver. So, aptly the cats are named Purrrrseus and Mercmeow.
    Today is Ox’s lunar return, in which Venus conjuncts his Saturn in Cancer in the 8th house. Sometimes, the universe is just a bit too literal–you know?
    :cat: :cow: :cat2:

  2. I just got this one today too, but reversed.

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