Everyday Tarot, 06/08/11: Questionable Comparisons

daily-tarot-forcast-five-clouds“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” –Zen Proverb

Today’s Tarot forecast is the Five of Clouds from Osho Zen, better known as the Five of Swords or “Lord of Defeat.” Tarot fives herald conflict, although this version doesn’t suggest the explicit conflict we would expect from the RWS Five of Swords. This is more like conflicting perspectives.

When you a compare a tree to a bamboo, which is better? The tree can hold a lot more weight, but the bamboo can bend without breaking. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. The superior of the two is the one best suited to your needs, you know?

Ask yourself if you’re making valid (and relevant) comparisons. Consider shifting your focus from what’s “better, best or right” in evaluating to what’s most needed, right now, what’s closest to where you want to go.

And if you’re not sure what’s better, wait. Truth outs itself in the end, and winning strategies become clear if you allow enough perspective to determine what tools are right for the job .

How are you, comparatively speaking?

Osho Zen Tarot Set
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  1. Isn’t that a fantastic card for pondering during Gemini, Dixie? Super!! Comparisons can work in both good and bad ways. They can inspire us to strive for a higher degree of excellence, but they can also plummet us into thinking that we don’t measure up. IF we let them, of course. I do love the Osho deck.

  2. Oh my God, that card blows my mind!!!!

  3. Perfect, Dixie! My heart loves walking; but right now my hip needs yoga! I love the site!! It’s just perfect and has a wonderful feel to it!

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