Everyday Tarot, 06/18/11: Making Your Own Dinner

tarot-3-card-forecastWhen you’re working with the cards, there will be times you get something that you don’t want. In client readings, I’ll often ask for clarification, advice or more info to deal with troublesome energy. That’s just what I did with today’s Tarot forecast.

First, I pulled the Five of Wands. Oh great—conflict! I really appreciate all Tarot has to tell me, but c’mon! The Five of Wands is a tiresome vibe. Who wants to fight?

“Okay, what do we do with this conflict, then?” I asked. The inverted Ten of Swords appeared in response. “And what kind of outcome can we expect with that approach?” yielded the King of Swords.

IMG_1372So let’s get to the chase.  Whatever conflict has you feeling overwhelmed? Stop taking it personally! Back off from problematic situations and detach. You’ll feel like a pincushion only as long as you allow those little attacks to remain intact in your psyche.

Other people’s issues impact you, sure, but are SO not about you. Without internalizing those little pricks of betrayal, you can make rational, considered decisions about what to accept as your reality. You get to pick what you eat.

It’s remaining attached to behavior you have no control over that messes us up. Getting a little more Zen, forgiving and releasing, gives a clarity we’d never be able to find remaining wounded. In the release is freedom.

You don’t have to manage anyone else’s conflicts. You only have to manage yourself, and keep trusting that is enough. It is, you know. That’s exactly your job here—living the best life YOU can.

How’s your dinner?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple

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  1. ScorpioMoonGirl says


  2. OK now for the wacky approach. Tomorrow is Father’s Day, King of Grill Man Day. hehehehe Isn’t Jupiter in Taurus, and moon in Aqua???? Yummy my belly is full of steak, I think I will go and fall asleep in front of the television and leave you ladies to do the dishes.

  3. Very true words. Whenever issues like this come up, I always ask myself: “Is this really important to me? Is this a hill I’d be willing to die on?” If the answer is no, I just let it go and walk away.

    I didn’t always do this, though. I only just figured it out over the last year, and boy has it made my life and my happiness quotient SO much better!

  4. Such simple words “Let it go”

  5. CancerMom says

    OMG – You just validated my decisions for today!

    1. I was so ready for CONFLICT-it’s the Father’s Day Raffle-geesh
    2. I DETACHED & chose to stay home/dixiblog/domains/afoolsjourney.com/public_html instead (this is so not like me)
    3. I’ve already FEASTED on some housework, I’m about to go for a 3 mile walk, then I’m working in the yard. I already feel so accomplished for the day & it’s only 10:40 AM!!

    THANK YOU for the wise advice during the week with your Daily Tarot readings which helped me make the decision to DETACH & FEAST on good stuff. Because we all know other’s issues are never tasty.


  6. Sigh.

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