Everyday Tarot, 5/2/11: Smashed Plates and the Reversed 2 of Pentacles

inverted-two-pentaclesI am a secret perfectionist, although I don’t consider myself a control freak. That sounds contradictory, but I’ve learned to aim my mega-Virgo “this is how it HAS to be” vibe at myself most often. I have no Cardinal  to speak of, so no drive to direct the entire band. I only need to stay in tune myself to remain content. And really, that’s more than enough.

Today’s Tarot is the reversed Two of Pentacles—the “Lord of Harmonious Change.” Har!  Didn’t take long for a theme to emerge, huh? No wonder she’s on her head! I’m leaking, not having felt all that harmonious lately, making changes I’ve needed to make. Associated with Jupiter (too much!) in Capricorn (responsibility), this card is all about juggling those competing needs and demands. It all depends on the juggler, doesn’t it?

I most often see this card when there is just a LOT going on. Sometimes the coins  juggled represent vital interests and there is are real needs being fulfilled, although not always. But what’s generally consistent, especially when this card comes up inverted, is that doing the juggling is HARD and there are worries you won’t be able to maintain indefinitely.

juggling-animalsThe question to ask is, “What’s important here?” You want to know if your efforts are still doing what you intended or if circumstances have changed. It’s also a heads-up to acknowledge all you are and have accomplished. Often, it’s also a compelling call to seek out support. Who feeds you? Who has the skills and interests and ability to help? How can your needs and interests align with others to make the tasks less demanding.

I always think in terms of personal energy—as in, it’s a finite resource as long as we walk about on this material plane. So to do the most, the best, to aim the highest, you have to look at how your energy is managed, magnifying the good. That means evaluating and reviewing regularly, as well associating yourself with like-minded others.  Don’t be afraid to let go of what’s not serving anybody or change the tasks you’re juggling. It stings as you let go, but the relief that follows salves the rawness. Life is dynamic. If we’re not, we’ll miss the mark.

How are you doing with your juggling act?

The Housewives Tarot
by Paul Kepple


  1. So accurate as always…

    I was so busy today my head was spinning. And yes, being pulled in so many different directions.

  2. Just yesterday I got offered a small part time job, I told them I would let them know Tuesday, that I needed one day to think about if I could juggle it with my current schedule. I have a tendency to take on more than I should and it does become a juggling act. In the end all things suffer after I realize I have to much on my plate.

  3. Perfect Card for a Monday as I review my list of tasks and prioritize them for the week ahead. If I look at the list as a whole, it would be overwhelming, but taking on one/two things at a time is jugglable (<—new word)

  4. I have to get out the door in like 1.5 minutes to go to a training seminar for my new job. Yesterday morning, I had an entirely different income setup. As of last night, little warning, everything changed.

    I’ve been expecting it thanks to the cards, but was very surprised at the method and very irritated at the “OMFGRightNow!!!” mentality of the universe. I hate lack of notice. I can plan or budget anything given sufficient notice.

    So I’ve packed my exhaustion, responsibilities and total freakout in my purse along with my directions and lipstick. I waited to read your tarot post before leaving.

    Apropos, Dixie.

  5. I’ve dropped a few unneccessary balls But the right ones are still up in the air

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