Feeling-Driven: The Chariot

You know the old Zen story of the farmer and his son? Maybe it’s good, maybe it’s bad, but he doesn’t concern himself with categorizing which pile events belong to. He just rides the flow of life.

I’m looking to be more like that farmer. It really helps defuse a lot of the angst and worry so many people face nowadays. And it feels better, by far.

And this week might be a good time for you to hook up with the “maybe” energy, too. We got the Chariot for the week.

The Chariot Tarot card┬áis associated with the zodiac sign Cancer, which was a bit of a surprise to me, when I first learned. Because I think of Cancers as somewhat soft, very driven by the “feels,” you know? The Chariot driver is a leader–he leads his armies into victory. But sometimes, we underestimate the power of those feels! Those Cancers are better fighters than we might think at first glance: a distinct tactical advantage if I ever saw one.

I like to think of the Chariot driver as leading a military campaign to fight for his homeland and family’s future–that’s a Cancer’s way, and that’s why he’s going to win. He is pulled forward by the black and white sphynx–both his light and shadow, comfortable and uncomfortable feelings alike. He knows who he is and he accepts all of himself. And this quality allows him to clearly hear the direction of his heart without distortion. Accepting himself completely, he has little impetus for projection. He doesn’t judge feelings as “good or bad.” They just ARE and the comfort or discomfort of the feelings are like his compass pointing true north.

You can do the same thing. If you feel comfortable and happy, rejoice and know you’re in the flow and you’re moving along with it. And if you feel uncomfortable and out of sorts, rejoice and know you have stepped out of the flow. Because we all step in and out of it and knowing is half the battle! So you can make an adjustment because your early warning system–you gut radar–is working just fine. It’s all good information to have, you know?

Cancer’s feelings are a highly developed guidance system and if one learns to use it (or emulate our Cancer friends, advanced in that regard), we can tap into the same wonderful, infallible sense of direction. We all have access to it.

Feeling-driven. That’s what we’re shooting for here.

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Video Transcript

Hey, how you doing? Dixie from A Fool’s Journey here with some Tarot for you! Hang on.

Hi, thanks for hanging on. Gonna pull a little card and just get kind of a thought to keep in mind. Kind of a take-home for the world for the week. And see what we got here.

Okay. I’ve got the Chariot, upright. I like to see this fella upright because he is on point. Now, as some of you may not realize, but the Chariot is associated with Cancer. So even though he looks very to-the-point and I’m a leader, and lalalalalala, he’s got feeeeeeeeelings!

So when I’m seeing this, also the dark and the light, okay? He takes all of his feelings into account. He doesn’t just, “Oh, well I only like sunshine feelings. And screw the icky ones.” Or, you know, “Oh, well I’m dark and brooding. And not airy-fairy sunshine.”

He’s whole. Okay. He accepts and appreciates the whole of his feelings and how it is. He’s also very focused. And he is going places! He uses his feelings as indications of where he’s going.

So in other words, if it feels really crappy, when you think about something, or when you’re involved in it, not the time to act! Okay. Just kind of relax, retreat, sidestep it. Whereas, when you’re feeling more focused, more driven, and more enthusiastic, that’s the time to move!

So let your feelings drive it home. You don’t think your way through. You feel your way through.

That the message for this week. I hope it’s helpful. Make sure you sub me. Go visit me on afoolsjourney.com if you’re not seeing this here. And have an awesome week!

Okay? Take care. Peace out from Dix the Zen Goddess. Ommmmmmm. Bye bye.

This week’s Tarot features Dixie (give a holler for a personal consult) and the Radiant Rider Waite deck.

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