August 19

Five of Cups: Now, now, now!


Healing has been on my mind lately, no doubt because I’ve been Facebook ad-targeted for a support group for healers. It would be great targeting if I self-defined as a (tired/ drained/ overwhelmed) healer. I don’t.

I mean, sure, I’ve studied Reiki. I’m attuned. I’ve said prayers and lit candles and flipped cards and sought answers and done all the things that people who traditionally define as healers do. I just don’t see it as a process of rooting out dysfunction from the past and being the mender.

Not intending to criticize how anyone else conceptualizes the process. If excavating the past is what someone wants to do in their time working with me, that’s what we’ll do. I respect each individual’s right to determine what it is they want to look at. That’s your job to decide, not mine.

Nevertheless, I feel the most direct route to improvements come with bringing attention back around to the now and reclaiming personal power within that now. And that’s what we’re looking at for the coming week.

Next Week in Tarot

With all the retrograde astrological activity, there has been plenty of looking backward lately. Time to switch gears…

We have the Five of Cups (or Five of Water) from Osho Zen, along with a big, fat “No” from the Angel Answers cards. *

The short version here is let it go.

The longer version? Don’t try to recreate the past. Likewise, you don’t need to escape it, heal it, change it or understand it. None of this is necessary.

Instead, make peace with the past. Accept whatever your past brought you–good, bad, or indifferent–as an inherent part of the process that helped make your version of now. That’s the real function and gift from the past, always. Every experience goes into the mix of your feelings, beliefs, and preferences NOW.

Your point of power is always NOW. And now, and now, and now. #OnMyRadar Click To Tweet

Now is your only point of power. You create and attract and live from smack dab in the middle of your now. There’s no reason to carry hurt or pain forward. Let it go, man. Accept that all is as it should be and you’ll be on your way to feeling greater power, right now.

Armchair Astrology

On the energetic weather of late, here’s a quick update on the retrograde season because there’s been plenty of it!

When a planet is moving backward or retrograde (as envisioned from our perspective on Earth), issues related to that planet’s energy seem to be stalled out, slowed down and otherwise refuse to move forward. Like anytime the energy is not flowing how you’d prefer, you can fight it or flow with it. I’d advise the latter.

  • Mercury went direct August 19! Can I get a “Hallelujah?” Communication issues, electronics weirdness, and travel delays should iron out shortly, with any remaining dust cleaned up by September 2nd, when the planet is effectively out of the rx zone.
  • More good news: Mars is going direct August 27th. Woot! So that trudging through mud feeling, the frustration, passive-aggressive general vibe, and the difficulty making direct progress on any sort of project will ease at the same time.
  • Saturn has been retrograde since mid-April. Saturn will head direct September 6th. Long-term goals and management of responsibilities, especially related to work and parenting (if you are one of those) should start moving forward again.
  • Venus will be going retrograde October 5th – November 16th. This is a great time to review budgets, beauty routines, and decorating choices. If it’s associated with love or money, Venus rx is a good time to take a second look. You’ll see things you don’t ordinarily and make new realizations from looking at existing info.

Ready to move forward again? Let’s get clear with a private consult.

*Regarding the Angel Answers deck: Doreen Virtue is one of the deck’s authors. I bought it for the artwork, which I find stunning. Doreen has had a very public and highly vocal change of heart regarding her spiritual beliefs; she now denounces all divination and Tarot work, including her own past work. I obviously don’t share that perspective. Fortunately, I don’t require Doreen’s blessing to use the decks I like. I’m only interested in my own now. And right now, I think this is a beautiful deck, so I might still use it sometimes…


Angel Answers, Five of Cups, Osho Zen

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