03/21/12: Fighting with Heart? | 5 Swords, Strength


Today’s Tarot is the Five of Swords (Venus in Aquarius) and Strength (Leo). It’s a winner-take-all that situation, winnable via taming the lion: patience and ongoing focus as opposed to brute force. Steady but sustained effort, patience and a firm hand is required.

The person who sees the bigger picture, who can emotionally detach enough to really understand the hearts of others, is victorious. If you need to defend your interests, do so of course! The point is, compassion increases power through sharper understanding. There’s a temptation to avoid seeing others’ point of view, as if it somehow muddies our own. That can only happen if our own needs to be re-worked. Truth withstands scrutiny.

To remain the King (or Queen) of the jungle, exercise your power with heart. ♥

Do you consider compassion an asset in conflict? Why or why not?

03/21/12: Fighting with Heart? | 5 Swords, Strength 2 Mystic Dreamer Tarot
by Heidi Darras

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  • sofie says:

    I needed this…. I used to be so compassionate to those who were trying to hurt me, that I was a doormat.

    Then I went the opposite way, trying to be stronger.

    Ok, I will try to see this current conflict I’m in from the other person’s point of view…. It can give me strength, paradoxically.


    • Dixie says:

      It’s important to realize that understanding a viewpoint is not the same as endorsing it. Boundaries and compassion are not mutually exclusive.


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