08/06/13: Charged Messages / Fool


Buzzed. Transmitting. Alive. Crackling. CHARGED. This is what I’m seeing in this version of the Fool from the Zodiac Tarot, focusing exclusively on the Golden Dawn’s astrological association of Uranus. Here we’ve got a radio tower sending out waves.

Tarot readers like to look at the Fool as all sunshine and roses of a grand adventure but he’s not. Pessimists may look at the Fool as clueless, naive or idiotic, but that doesn’t capture the full spirit, either.

The Fool is neither all light or all dark. The Fool is potential, possibility as of yet unrealized. One thing you know about the Fool for certain, however, is that the journey undertaken will effect change.

There is electricity in the air and the messages transmitted pack a punch. These words going out today? They can change you. However, like the broadcast from this tower, the power of messages today is not in the words themselves. The real power lies in the heart and minds of the listeners. Words not heard have no impact. Without fail, the Fool’s journey is a personal one.

Are you feeling the charge?

Zodiac Tarot
by Lo Scarabeo

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  1. I pulled the Fool too today, looks like a foolish kind of day!!!

  2. OOh, very on point message for the New Moon in Leo trining Uranus in Aries. There’s also Jupiter approaching an exact opposition to Pluto tomorrow. Very interesting, potentially uncomfortable but definitely rousing.

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