08/22/13: Detour, Damnit! / Fool Rx


Damn it! The Fool is upside down, about to fall off his funny, friendly cat. I’m getting the feeling of a grand adventure, once undertaken, and shit just ain’t going right!

Here’s the thing to understand, down and dirty for my foolish friends on a schedule: where you thought you were going may NOT be where you need to go. Things happen the way they do for a reason, grasshopper. You start your trip full of optimism and wonder, maybe with a clear idea of what “arrival” means.

Except things don’t go the way you expect! There are forks in the road, and turns that are not marked and…complications. Life is bloody well rife with complications.

Does it mean you’re an idiot? Hardly!

It may not feel like the trip you planned, but you can bet your ass you’re going SOMEWHERE. And you’re learning something in the process. Embrace the scenery where you are. Listen to those birds and smell the flowers and for God’s sakes, look around! Because even if you’re off-itinerary at this point, you’re still moving.

So alter your schedule if need be, embrace the detour and make the most of the trip you’re ON now to get that Foolish energy flowing upright.

Are you finding yourself on a detour?

Tarot: The Complete Kit
by Dennis Fairchild

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  1. This is exactly how I feel today. I’ve got some throat issues and it’s getting in the way of my singing adventure. Guess I should just accept it as a detour.

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